Vintage Style Tiolene Motor Oil Bottle, Collectors bottle

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  • $46.00

Old gas stations, simple times and boss cars! That's the feel I get when I look at this bottle...

The raised letters and heavy patina on the spout, Tiolene logo just scream vintage gas stations. The raise letters really pop although it's hard to show that with photo's. As cool as this vintage style bottle is, in person it's way more eye catching.

A definite conversation piece that's at home in a shop, garage, window ledge or anywhere you want a cool piece of vintage history. The motorhead, car memorabilia collector or old advertising buff in your life would love this. Or a way to treat yourself to the cool vintage era.

A little backstory for Tiolene Oil:
Union Oil Company of California purchased Pure Oil in 1965. ... After 1970, the Pure Oil name was retained as a registered trademark, while the Firebird brand name was retained and used primarily for motor oils and lubricants that were not extensively marketed toward consumers.

The size for this vintage style Tiolene mobil oil bottle is:
14" Tall with a circumference of 9.50"

Weighing in at a solid:
1lb 9ozs

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