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Step into the history of tires! This beautiful handpainted Bibendum Michelin Man cast iron sign is made for the car enthusiast, gearhead, primitive sign collector or just about anyone who loves car history. It's one of the worlds oldest trademarks.

The raised letter's and logo add depth and eye appeal to this piece, definitely stands out. Nicely made sign! Very cool gift or a way to spoil yourself with a eye catching history rich plaque.

A little backstory:
Bibendum, commonly referred to in English as the Michelin Man, is the symbol of the Michelin tire company. Introduced at the Lyon Exhibition of 1894 where the Michelin brothers had a stand, Bibendum is one of the world's oldest trademarks.

The size for this handpainted Bibendum Michelin Man cast iron sign is:
10.75" Wide by 2.25" High by .50" Deep

Weighing in at a rock solid:

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