I thought about the best way to describe my passion as best I could and why I do what I do. Well, I always loved the quote "Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life". It truly states what I believe to be a great philosophy when it comes to being successful. Success means to some that you either love what you do or become financially independent, I personally feel they go together. 

I had a physical store for sometime and really loved it but my online sales became very consistent and I couldn't ignore this strong side of my business. It came to a point where my physical store was becoming more of a detriment to success. The biggest thing I worried about was losing the face to face time with my clients. I love dealing with people and always have. I've owned a company since I was 19, whether teaching martial arts, personal training or owning a contracting company (23 yrs) the need to be in business for myself was at the forefront.

What I've come to find out about E-commerce in general and especially ETSY is there is a sense of community and on the whole, you really do get a chance to form a connection with your customers. When a customer sends me pics on how they staged one of my pieces or lets me know a "Conversation piece" they bought from me really did spark a conversation at their party it means a lot!

My store's contents have to have a few things for me to sell them. They have to be interesting, unique or have an amazing back story. The painting I'm selling by Peter Gullerud is an amazing example of an interesting back story. He's been 1 of 2 visual development artist on such great movies as Aladdin, Space Jam, Quest for Camelot and The Iron Giant. He became an acquaintance of mine through me researching the authenticity of his painting. You could never imagine the people you become friends with doing this, I love that aspect.

What else drives me is the hunt, the hunt for something special. I sometimes think wow I get to go to flea markets, auctions, estate sales, whole sellers and private collectors to find things and I get paid for this lol It's simply a cool way to spend my day.