Skeleton Money Bank, Cast Iron Skeleton Bank, Antique Skeleton Bank, skull coin bank

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  • $89.00

Amazingly cool cast iron skeleton bank. It's cast iron solid and will be around for generations and generations. Ok this is the best part, you place the coins in our skinny friend's hand and by pushing a lever behind his back he swings the money up and into his boney mouth. At the same time as his hand swings up his eyes bulge out and his mouth opens wide swallowing the coins. The precision that he swallows the coins with is simply amazing. I wish I could post a video! Most interesting cast iron skull bank I've come across.

The size of this highly collectible cast iron skeleton skull bank is:
6.50" Tall by 6.50" Wide by 7" Deep

Weighing in at an extremely solid:
4lbs 11ozs

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