Vintage Wall Hanging Dryer Rack-Folding Clothes Dryer Rack-Garment Hanger-Pasta Drying Rack

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This item is a vintage style functional wall hanging, folding clothes dryer! It performs great air drying clothes, has a cool vintage look and is collapsible. The rack is unusually strong, I believe this is due to its unique cantilever design.

I own one and my girlfriend and I love it. She uses it for her delicates that can't be put in the dryer. If you're a husband/boyfriend the big advantage is no more clothes hanging in the shower:)

I had a few customers buy this vintage drying rack for a pasta dryer or pots/pans rack.I personally thought that this is a great idea. They like that its a tremendous space saver in any kitchen and looks great.

The clothes Dryer offers 10 (Large size) racks or splines for drying and it can be closed, to save space, when not in use (shown in the third photo). The system is easy, you simply push the vintage-style hardware up from the bottom until the racks fall into place and pull down to tuck the racks away.

I don't pre-drill holes because I found that my customers prefer placing the mounting screws based on their own needs. I recommend 2 screws, 1 top and 1 bottom for maximum stability.

Please take a moment and read our reviews, people just love this clothing or pasta drying rack. Great primitive piece!

The condition is "cool vintage" with all the characteristics and personality that come with that. Please refer to the High-resolution photos...

24" H * 7 1/2" W
Depth Open 21 1/2"
Depth Closed 4"


Any questions feel free to contact me.

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